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Make the right call

If your livelihood depends on your license, you need a road traffic law solicitor to defend you.

Scotland Wide Expertise

We represent individual clients and companies the length and breadth of Scotland.

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ROADTRAFFICDEFENCE.COM is a unique service created by solicitors specialising in the defence and representation of drivers accused of road traffic offences.

Our award winning court solicitors have years of experience in defending motorists. We are at the cutting edge of developments in road traffic law, having access to the leading experts, investigators and former road traffic police who will work for YOU.

From drink driving offences and speeding fines to careless driving and many other breaches of road traffic law, we ensure that your charges are fully investigated, your defences explored and your case presented to the court to achieve the best possible outcome.

We have worked with many clients from high profile individuals to young drivers and are retained by companies whose businesses depend on driving.

Our fees are competitive and, as we work with leading insurers and the Legal Aid Board, may even be cost free. Your enquiry is free, so make the right call today.